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Martin Bazant
Martin Z. Bazant
Department of Chemical Engineering 
and Department of Mathematics 
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Research Overview

Our group specializes in mathematical modeling of transport phenomena, especially in electrochemical systems and micro/nanofluidic devices. We develop new models for complex nonlinear phenomena and employ both analytical approximations and computational methods to solve the models and make predictions to be compared with experimental data. In some cases, we collaborate with experimental groups at MIT and around the world, but we also have our own laboratory, focusing on electrochemical systems for environmental and energy applications. 

Current research topics relate to energy (Li-ion batteries, electrochemical capacitors, fuel cells), water treatment ("shock electrodialysis", capacitive desalination, separations), and microfluidics (nonlinear electrokinetics, hydrodynamic slip, electrophoresis, nanofluidics) as well as fundamental aspects of applied mathematics, continuum mechanics, and statistical physics.

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What's new?

Revealing how a battery material works

Academic success stories from our group in 2011:

  • Ken Kamrin (PhD 2008) is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT.
  • Chris Rycroft (PhD 2007) is a Morrey Assistant Professor of Mathematics at UC Berkeley.
  • Ali Mani (postdoc 2011) is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford.
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