Latest Announcements

"Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of porous electrodes" published in ECS Journal

Todd and Martin's paper, "Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of porous electrodes" has been published in the current issue of the Journal of the Electrochemical Society.  The paper is available at the ECS site.

The paper has been added to the publications list on this site as well.

In the news: Revealing how a battery material works

the MIT News Office has released a story on Dan and Martin's recent success modeling the effect of coherency strain on phase separation in lithium iron phosphate nanoparticles (LiFePO4), a popular battery material:

Revealing how a battery material works: MIT team uncovers a reason why the hottest new material for rechargeable batteries works so well

Poster Award

Congratulations to Dan and Todd, who received a "Best Poster" award at the MITEI poster session for their poster titled "Theory of Ultrafast Lithium-ion Batteries".  The will be presenting their poster again at MIT Energy Night on Oct. 21 at the MIT Museusm.