Bazant Group students get recognized at the Awards Ceremony!

May 13, 2019

 The MIT Awards Convocation and the Department of Chemical Engineering Awards Ceremony on May 13 saw many students of the Bazant Group get recognized at the department and the institution level!

Our boss, Martin Bazant won the the MITx Prize for teaching and learning in MOOCs for the widely-acclaimed course, 10.50x Analysis of Transport Phenomena

Supratim Das, a 3rd year grad student in the group was recognized for his exemplary hard work as a volunteer and representative for the department. He received the Mens et Manus Award at the MIT Awards Convocation on Monday, May 13, 2019 for the Public Service and Outreach Initiative that he started in ChemE in 2018. On the same day, Supratim was also recognized with an Individual Accomplishment Award from Department of Chemical Engineering for his service to the community. To know more about his contribution to the community, visit: 

Link to the ChemE news article:

Mohammad Alkhadra received the Michael Johnson Cup, for being a symbol of positivity, care and upliftment for everyone in the first year graduate class of Chemical Engineering

Michael McEldrew received the Rock Award, for outstanding sportmanship among students in the Chemical Engineering Department

From left: Supratim Das, Mohammad Alkhadra, Martin Bazant and Mike McEldrew



                    Supratim Das with Prof. Paula Hammond                                                                Mo Alkhadra with Jen Kaczmarek 


                                                                                        Mike McEldrew with Joe Brady