Lab Culture and Values

  • Impact and Curiosity.  We solve problems in energy, water, sustainability, manufacturing and public health through engineering.  We are fascinated by mathematics and the physical universe.
  • Passion and Depth.  We fully invest ourselves in learning and the creation of knowledge. We hold high standards of scientific rigor, combining theoretical, computational and experimental methods.
  • Skepticism and Scholarship.  We question our assumptions, consider opposing viewpoints, welcome dissent, and argue based on evidence. We study the literature and acknowledge all contributions and prior work.
  • Collaboration and Mentoring.  We invite contributions from colleagues in the group and beyond.  We appreciate both teaching and learning from others.
  • Diversity and Inclusion.  We look past superficial differences and value the unique character of every person.  We welcome all and oppose discrimination on the basis of appearance, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, gender, sexual orientation, politics and religion.
  • Our Extended Family.  We foster relationships for a lifetime of professional support and friendship. We enjoy hobbies, sports, and entertainment outside the lab and seek to include the group.  As much as we value our work, our families and personal concerns come first.