Current Members


 Martin Z. Bazant (
 Edwin G. Roos (1944) Professor
 Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Mathematics
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology


​Research Scientist

 Daniel Cogswell (
Dr. Cogswell has a broad background in computational physics that spans both academia and industry, with a focus on energy technologies. Read More...


​Postdoctoral Associates

 Mohammad Mirzadeh (
(Chemical Engineering) Computational modeling of multiphase and electro-kinetic flows in porous media
 Juner Zhu (
(Mechanical Engineering, co-supervisor: Tom Wierzbicki) Safety-focused mechanical modeling of lithium-ion batteries
 Neel Nadkarni (
(Chemical Engineering) Multi-phase chemo-mechanical modeling of battery electrode materials at meso- and macro-scales


Graduate Students

Debbie Zhuang (
(Chemical Engineering & Computation) Modeling of temperature effects in phase separating porous electrodes
Huanhuan Tian (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling of remediation of contaminated water using Shock Electrodialysis (SED)  Read More...
Mohammad Ayman Alkhadra (
(Chemical Engineering) Remediation of contaminated water using Shock Electrodialysis (SED)  Read More...
Supratim Das (
(Chemical Engineering) Degradation mechanisms of Li-ion batteries and phase-field modelling of porous electrodes. Read More...
Pedro de Souza (
(Chemical Engineering) Microscopic physics of ion transport and electric double layer structure. Read More...
Dimitrios Fraggedakis (
(Chemical Engineering) Theory of phase separation in reactive mixtures. Read More...
Surya Effendy (
(Chemical Engineering) Analysis of corrosion of carbon steel pipes using Impedance Spectroscopy
Michael McEldrew (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling and simulation of room temperature ionic liquids
Hongbo Zhao (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling and simulation of electrostatic grain projection




Yu Han, Tsinghua University (2019)

Inge Bellemans, Ghent University (2018)

Aymar de Lichtevelde, Wageningen University & Research (2018)


Barbara Balkwill
Room: 66-458
Phone: (617) 258-7026


Group Photo (2017)

(From top to bottom, left to right in a row) Peng Bai, Raymond Smith, Joey Gu, Dimitrios Fraggedakis, Mohammad Mirzadeh, Kameron Conforti, Edwin Khoo, Tingtao Zhou, Amir Levy, Juhyun Song, Arash Sayyah, Fan He, Hongbo Zhao, Michael McEldrew, Laura Gilson, Pedro de Souza, Supratim Das, Yamini Krishnan and Martin Bazant.