Supratim Das

Ph.D. (MIT Chemical Engineering) & M.B.A (Sloan) '22

M.S., Chemical Engineering Practice, MIT '18

M.Tech, Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi '16

B.Tech, Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi '16

Supratim joined the Bazant group in MIT as a Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering in January 2017. He graduated from IIT Delhi, India as an Institute Medalist for being top of the class, with a Bachelor and Master of Technology (B.Tech and M.Tech) in Chemical Engineering in 2016.  His primary research interest is in electrochemical energy storage devices and integrating cross-scale knowledge to promote implementation of energy technology. As an undergraduate working with Prof. Shantanu Roy, Supratim studied the dynamics of spreading of thin liquid films on porous catalytic surfaces. In addition, prior to his PhD, Supratim has also worked in the areas of lithium battery anode fabrication with silicon nanoparticles & their performance evaluation, rheological modelling of semi-flexible entangled polymers and on studying density-unstable displacement flows in moving ducts. In MIT, his focus has been in the integration of key degradation mechanisms of Li ion batteries under slow and fast charge regimes, into a multiphase porous electrode framework. His work is aimed at understanding formation cycling in lithium-ion batteries from first principles using a physics-based framwork. He also received an MBA from the Sloan School of Management.

Supratim received his M.S. in Chemical Engineering Practice in June 2018. He secured a perfect 5.0 GPA in the Practice School semester, and also received the prestigious J. Edward Vivian Award in recognition of exemplary performance, leadership and commitment to Practice School from the David. H. Koch School of Chemical Engineering Practice in MIT. During the program, he was a technical consultant in Shell Technology Center (Houston, TX) and in Emirates Global Aluminium (Dubai, U.A.E).

Outside of academics and research, his hobbies are reading fiction, PC gaming, learning about computer hardware, playing tennis, table tennis and squash, adventure sports, track driving and following WWE and MMA. He was the captain of the ChemE A-League Table Tennis team that placed first in the Intramural Championship in 2018. His proclivity towards driving change in energy technology also saw him lead the 2019 MIT EnergyHack, the institute's only energy-focused hackathon, that saw 160+ students and 10+ corporate sponsors convene on campus to solve real world challenges in the energy industry. The event was focused on transitioning the society towards its sustainability goals for a low carbon energy landscape. Check out the MIT News coverage here! He has also shown passion and affinity for diversity and community service in the neighbourhood in Boston and Cambridge. In 2019, he was recognized for his efforts by the Office of the Dean of Student Life in MIT, when he received the Mens et Manus award (MIT News feature here). The Chemical Engineering Department also recognized him with an Individual Citation honor at the Awards Ceremony. Due to his efforts, there are currently 10+ active collaborations of MIT ChemE with Cambridge and Boston-area service groups with 100+ ChemE students mobilized in ongoing activities. He is also a big advocate for student quality of life and mental health. As a member of the Graduate Student Advisory Board (GSAB) in ChemE over the last three years, he has led the graduate student mentorship program, and organized several alumni panels on various career/life-related discussion themes. In addition, as part of GSAB, he has processed quality-of-life data from students and presented this information to department administration as support for recommendations to improve the ChemE graduate student experience. In 2021, he received the Edward W. Merrill Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from MIT, voted unianimously by the student community for his role in teaching 10.493, Electrochemical Energy - Batteries and Fuel Cells.

* Profiled by MIT News for outstanding all-round contribution to student life: 

* Profiled by MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative for exemplary work on clean energy technology scale-up: Students Taking Action | MIT Sloan

* News Feature on The Telegraph, a national daily newspaper in India:

Accepted Journal Publications

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10. Das, S., Chaitanya, N.S.K., Roy, S., Khanna, R., "A Model of Wetting of Partially Wettable Porous Solids by Thin Liquid Films", Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 320, 15 July 2017, Pages 104-115, ISSN 1385-8947

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