• Honbgo Zhao, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2021). Data-driven Modeling of Lithium Intercalation Materials
  • Dimitrios Fraggedakis, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2021). Electrochemical and Transport Processes in Ion Intercalation Materials
  • Mike McEldrew, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2021). Ion Aggregation, Correlated Ion Transport and the Double Layer in Super-Concentrated Electrolytes
  • Supratim Das, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2020). Learning the Electrochemistry of Degradation and Safety in Graphite Porous Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Amir Levy, Ph.D. in Physics, MIT (2019). Beyond Poisson-Boltzmann: Strong Correlations and Extreme Confinement in Ionic Fluids
  • Tingtao (Edmond) Zhou, Ph.D. in Physics, MIT (2019). Phase Transition Induced Deformation in Porous Media
  • Zongyu (Joey) Gu, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2019). Physics-Based Models of Hysteresis in Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
  • Fan He, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2019). Theoretical and Experimental Study of Electrochemically Mediated Adsorption Processes
  • Edwin Khoo Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2019). Stability analysis of electrochemical systems
  • Kameron Conforti Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2019). Electrochemical transport in porous media for water purification and energy storage
  • Juhyun Song Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering Practice (PhDCEP), MIT (2017)
  • Raymond B. Smith Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2017)
  • Sven Schlumpberger Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2016) Thesis: Shock electrodialysis for water purification and electrostatic correlations in electrolytes.
  • Yi Zeng Ph.D. in Mathematics, MIT (2015) Thesis: Modeling the phase transition phenomena in lithium battery systems.
  • Matthew Pinson Ph.D. in Physics, MIT (2015). Thesis: Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Porous Media: Battery Degradation, and Sorption and Transport in Porous Materials.
  • Yeqing Fu Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT (2014). Thesis: Modeling and numerical simulation of porous electrodes in electrochemical systems.
  • Damian Burch Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2009). Thesis: Intercalation Dynamics in Li-ion Batteries.
  • Mustafa Sabri Kilic Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2008). Thesis: Induced-charge electrokinetics at large voltages.
  • Kenneth N. Kamrin Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2008). Thesis: Stochastic and deterministic models for dense granular flow. Next: Lecturer in applied mathematics at Harvard University, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT (2010).
  • Chris H. Rycroft Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2007). Thesis: Multiscale modeling of granular flow. Next: Postdoc in mathematics at University of California, Berkeley.
  • Jeremy A. Levitan. Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, MIT (2005). Thesis: Experimental Investigation of Induced-Charge Electro-osmosis.
  • Kevin T. Chu Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2005). Thesis: Asymptotic Analysis of Extreme Electrochemical Transport. Next: Postdoc in mechanical engineering at Princeton University.
  • Jaehyuk Choi. Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2005). Thesis: Advection-Diffusion-Limited Aggregation and Dense Granular Flow.

Postdoctoral Associates

  • Neel Nadkarni. (2017-2020) Multi-phase chemo-mechanical modeling of battery electrode materials at meso- and macro-scales
  • Mohammad Mirzadeh. (2015-2020) Computational modeling of multiphase and electro-kinetic flows in porous media
  • Mohammad Amin Amooie(2018-2020) Theoretical and continuum modeling of flow and interfacial stabilities in porous media under hysteresis and electrokinetic effects
  • Tao Gao. (2017-2020) Modeling and simulation of electrostatic projection of grains in large electric fields
  • Arash Sayyah (2016-2018) 
  • Elisha Rejovitzky. (2014-2015) Modeling and simulation of battery materials
  • Yossi Cohen. (2014-2015) Electrokinetic phenomena in fractured rocks for gas and oil recovery
  • Jihyung Han. (2013-2015) Electrodeposition in porous media.
  • Matthew Suss. (2013-2014) Capacitive water desalination, flow batteries, transport in porous structures.
  • Dan Cogswell. (2010-2012) Extended the phase-field method to electrochemical systems and intercalation materials.
  • Markus Schmuck. (2009-2011) Homogenization analysis of ion transport in porous media.
  • Chien-Chih Huang . (2007-2009) Induced-charge electro-osmosis, microfluidic pumps. MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. (Co-advised by Prof. T. Thorsen, Mechanical Enginering.)
  • Jeremy Levitan (2007). Applications of nonlinear electrokinetics in microfluidic devices. Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies.
  • Ali Mani (2010-2011). Nonlinear electrokinetics, desalination shocks.
  • Gogi Singh (2006-2007). Modeling lithium rechargeable batteries. Center for Materials Science and Engineering (IRG IV).
  • Yuxing Ben (2004-2005). Simulation and design of ICEO-based microfluidic devices.

M.S. Students

  • Ken Gosier . M.S. in Financial Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (2002). Thesis: Generalized Black-Scholes models for pricing and hedging options with residual risk.
  • Young Han Lee. M.S. in Applied Mathematics, MIT (2002). Thesis: Noise detection in financial correlation matrices.

    B.S. Students

  • Ben Derrett. Cambridge-MIT exchange student. Li-ion battery modeling. (2009-2010)
  • Matt Fishburn B. S. in Electrical Engineering, MIT (2007). Advanced Undergraduate Project: Electronics for control of portable electrokinetic microfluidic devices.
  • Jakub Kominiarcz B. S. in Physics, MIT (2007). Senior thesis: Numerical simulations of AC electro-osmotic pumps.
  • Camilo Guaqueta. B. S. in Materials Science, MIT (2003). Thesis: Computer simulations of a stochastic model for granular drainage.
  • Mani Mahjouri. B.S. in Mathematics and Economics, MIT (2000). Thesis: Pricing risky derivative securities.

Research Assistants

  • Michael Hess. Undergraduate intern, from Magdeburg, Germany, spring/summer 2009. Modeling lithium intercalation in graphite.
  • Hoyin Au. Undergraduate intern, from Bunker Hill Community College, summer 2009. Modeling Li-ion battery composite electrodes.
  • Brian Wheeler UROP 2007. Applications of ACEO pumps.
  • Kapil Subramanian Undergraduate intern, summer 2007, from Indian Institute of Technology. ACEO experiments (with T. Thorsen).
  • Andrew Jones UROP spring 2007. ACEO experiments (with T. Thorsen).
  • Jeremie Palacci. Undergraduate intern, summer 2005. Visiting from Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon. Thesis: Spot-model simulations of periodic systems.
  • Serginio Sylvain. UROP, Dry Fluids Lab, 2005.
  • Ken Weaver. Undergraduate intern in the MIT Materials Processing Center, summer 2002. Simulations of granular drainage.

Faculty visitors

  • Armand Ajdari. ESPCI, Paris, France, 2005-2006.
  • Henrik Bruus. Technical University of Denmark, Microtechnology, Fall 2010.
  • Evgeny Demekhin. Kuban State Univ., Russia, Fall 2010.
  • Arshad Kudrolli. Clark University, Physics, 2003-2007.
  • Brian Storey. Olin College, Mechanical Engineering, 2006-2007.
  • Boris Zaltzman. Ben-Gurion University, Israel, Applied Mathematics, 2009-2010.