Current Members


 Martin Z. Bazant (
 Edwin G. Roos (1944) Professor
 Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Mathematics
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

​Postdoctoral Associates

Peng Bai (
(Chemical Engineering) Electrochemical methods for lithium intercalation electrodes
 Mohammad Mirzadeh (
(Chemical Engineering) Computational modeling of multiphase and electro-kinetic flows in porous media
 Arash Sayyah (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling and simulation of electrostatic projection of grains in large electric fields

Graduate Students

Kameron Conforti (
(Chemical Engineering) Electrochemical transport in porous media for water purification and energy storage. Read more.
Supratim Das (
(Chemical Engineering) Degradation mechanisms of Li-ion batteries and phase-field modelling of porous electrodes. Read More...
Pedro de Souza (
(Chemical Engineering) Mathematical theory of electrochemical impulse propagation in neurons. Read More...
Dimitrios Fraggedakis (
(Chemical Engineering) Theory of phase separation in reactive mixtures
Laura Gilson (
(Mechanical Engineering) Electrochemical energy storage using a hydrogen-bromine laminar flow battery
Zongyu (Joey) Gu (
(Chemical Engineering) Physics-based models of hysteresis in multiphase flow in porous media. Read more
Fan He (
(Chemical Engineering) Electrochemically mediated water separation
 Edwin Khoo (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling of electrochemical systems. Read more.
Yamini Krishnan (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling and simulation of electrochemical processes
  Amir Levy (
(Physics) Theory of activity and double layer structure in concentrated electrolytes and ionic liquids
Michael McEldrew (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling and simulation of room temperature ionic liquids
Carlos Sauer (
(Mathematics) Modeling and simulation of electrokinetics for desalination
Raymond Smith (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling and simulation of porous battery materials with complex thermodynamics. Read more.
Juhyun (Joe) Song (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling Electrochemical Impedance of Porous Electrodes. Read more
Hongbo Zhao (
(Chemical Engineering) Modeling and simulation of electrostatic grain projection
  (Edmond) Tingtao Zhou (


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Currently none


Barbara Balkwill
Room: 66-458
Phone: (617) 258-7026


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